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Discipleship Simplified

The discipleme app is an aid to discipleship that is as 'non-structured' as a structure can be.

It's a catalyst that gets you going - what you do after that is up to you and your disciples. Meet as often as you want, in any setting, and work on whatever the Holy Spirit points out. The discipleme app serves as a starting point for your growth in all the areas of life.

The discipleme app is the ultimate app for discipleship.

  • Whole-life assessment and lifelong lessons
  • Practical tools for whole-life growth
  • No teaching gifts necessary
  • Leader/disciple/group/church messaging
  • Powerful Bible app at your fingertips
  • Calendar invites, sync to Google, Exchange, iCal
  • Share pics/videos/files/social media
  • Post your discipleship stories and read others
The discipleme app is not a class, program, or event because discipleship is none of those. Discipleship is easier than those while being immensely more complex. It's SERIOUS FUN!
Serious because it's about your spiritual growth in love and obedience to God. Fun because it's living life with someone who's been there and can help you grow more intimate with Jesus!
Pitch in to build a worldwide community of disciple leaders! It's an eternal adventure lived out in the here and now - Come Join Us!
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Connection and Community

The discipleme app connects Disciple-Leaders to disciples in a living example of what it means to walk with Jesus.
The discipleme app requires no teaching gifts - we think every mature Christian should be leading by lifestyle.
The discipleme app invites Disciple-Leaders to share what they know from the Word and their own Walk.
The discipleme app is just a tool - you add the time and the transparency.
The discipleme app guides disciples through the seven spokes of intimacy and obedience to Christ.
The discipleme app is more than a tool - It's a community.
The discipleme app enables Disciple-Leaders and disciples alike to tap into a worldwide community of likeminded believers walking out their daily lives with Jesus.
Connect with your disciples and tap in to our community today!





Start walking out your faith today with your disciple-leader, disciple, group, or church.