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Set up your profile, your disciple or disciple leader's, your discipleship group, and your church. Learn More...

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Link to Olive Tree Bible software. Free, powerful, easy to use Bible software. Highlight your favorite verses, bookmark, word study, and much, much more. Learn More...

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discipleme Blog

Share and read stories, how to's, training, events, and track God's work through discipleship with friends from around the world. Submit your posts for consideration and get published! Learn More...

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Access your Calendar through our UpTo Calendar link. Syncs with Google, iCal, Exchange and others. Learn More...

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Post pics, videos, and take notes. The perfect companion for your discipleship outings and daily walk. Learn More...

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Walk with your disciple/disciple-leader through the seven spokes. Live life more intimately, more obediently with Jesus.  Learn More...

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Group Messaging and Sharing

Our Slack App chat link is perfect for discipleship!

  • Chat with the discipleme community.
  • Set up private messaging with individuals or groups as large as you want, as many as you want!
  • Connect to each of your disciples, your group, and your church.
  • Share your stories, prayer requests, seek advice, and get connected to likeminded believers. Learn More...

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Work Spoke

Work is one of God's prime testing grounds. Learn how to grow closer to God by obeying Him in your place of employment.


Spiritual Spoke

Intimacy with God is the goal. Do you feel close to your Creator? What can you do to draw nearer? The spiritual spoke is the doorway to finding out.


Plan Financially Spoke

'Money makes the world go round...' Not really, but it's really important and the Lord acknowledges that importance. Jesus talked quite a bit about money and it's importance in our relationship to Him.


Organize Spoke

Everything has to be organized. Every other spoke is connected to this one - get organization right and the rest will be easier.


Instruction Spoke

Have an educational goal? Just want to study the Bible more or maybe pursue a degree in astro physics or quantum mechanics? Track your progress and love God with your educational pursuits.


Relationship Spoke

Relationships ought to be rich and rewarding. Let the Spirit of God challenge you to bring all your relationships into the joy and blessing of God's love.


Health Spoke

It's hard to concentrate on our spiritual growth or relationships or work or most anything when we don't feel good. What health habits does God want you to pursue?

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Using discipleme

Simplified discipleship explained here. How to get started and invite others. For the disciple-leader and the disciple. Learn More...


The Love Test

Discipleship is really just loving someone in Jesus. Jesus said, 'If you love me, keep my commandments.' The discipleme app combines intimate love with intentional obedience. Read more in the app.

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The Wheel

Everything in the discipleme app revolves around the Wheel. (We know - bad pun - couldn't resist) Understand the Wheel and you understand the discipleme app. Learn More...


The Disciple Leader

What exactly is a Disciple-Leader? Simplified - someone who is willing to spend time walking with someone else in their faith. We are not looking for eloquence or mastery - just willingness and transparency. Read more in the app.


True Discipleship

Defining discipleship differently. Some essential info on the challenges and joys of discipleship for your reading pleasure.  Read more in the app.

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Of course you can! Post whatever you want from the discipleme app and share your experience with all your friends. We LIKE it!

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Post your pics and make a story. Discipleship should be shared!

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Short encouragements and bits of wisdom. Link and Tweet right from the discipleme app!

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Enter your personal info, nicknames, pics, etc. Identify yourself as a follower of Jesus.

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Keep your church, your pastor, your youth leader, and other important local church contacts here.

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My Disciple-Leader

Keep all your Disciple-Leader's info here. Contact info, favorite ice cream, birthday, etc.


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Walking with more than one disciple? Keep their info here.