The discipleme Workbook.

Intimacy With Jesus Through Obedience To His Spirit.


Work Spoke


Spiritual Spoke



Plan Financially Spoke


Organize Spoke


Instruction Spoke



Relationships Spoke


Health Spoke

The Wheel

The Wheel-3 (dragged)

Each of the Icons (shown above) in the Workbook  refers to a Spoke on the Wheel.

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

Romans 12:1(NASB)

The discipleme app uses the Wheel as an illustration of life. Our lives are on an ever changing, ever moving track that is heading in some direction. The concept of The Wheel represents very simply the movement of our life in a certain direction. The direction of this Wheel is toward intimacy with God.

The Wheel is designed to illuminate what is keeping us from moving toward Jesus and then to challenge us to change direction where necessary. It is not a class or program, it's life!  The Holy Spirit is always working to make us more like Jesus. The beautiful part is that we get to join Him in this work! We do this by discovering what He is doing and cooperating with Him.

There are seven key areas of our lives each represented by a spoke. In order to run smoothly, each spoke needs to be balanced.  The purpose of The Wheel is to help us keep the spokes of our lives in balance so that in each area we are moving toward greater intimacy with God.

What the elements of the Wheel mean: The cross in the middle of the wheel depicts that we are called as Christians to be Christ-centered in every area of our lives. If we are Christ-centered then we will spend our time accordingly. This explains the clock portion of the illustration. In order to maximize our relationship with God and invest time building His kingdom, we will need to organize every aspect of our lives.

The discipleme app challenges you to consider every 'spoke' of your life. In each section there's an introduction then a worksheet.  The worksheets are to help you track each area (spoke) by setting goals toward what God is telling you to do.

The Wheel assessment will reveal areas where your walk with God needs attention. It will give you everyday “how to” insight about growing in intimacy with Jesus. That’s what is so exciting about The Wheel. It’s not a self-­help plan, or a “get spiritual in 10 easy steps” gimmick. It’s a tool to help you know what to ask God as you seek real life intimacy with Him, and it’s an aid to help you plan how to live out that real life intimacy. In other words ‘Wheel’ Life is Real Life!




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