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Group Messaging and Sharing


Where we all meet

The discipleme app is linked to the Slack App for private/public messaging and file sharing. The features are too many to list!

  • The discipleme app community meets here
  • Ask questions, share prayer requests
  • Connect with disciples and disciple-leaders around the world
  • Set up your own private chat with individuals, groups, your church, or anyone else
  • Share pictures, files, and conversation
  • Instantly start a phone call and much more

Encouraging disciples to talk

One of our big goals at the discipleme app is to promote connections. We encourage you to use the Direct Messaging within the Slack app and then tell us about your experience. Direct Messaging is just the beginning though - There's group messaging and file sharing, church messaging and file sharing, and the whole disicpleme community to talk with! If that's not enough, our Blog is where you can tell your stories and encourage your peers.

Learn more about the Slack App here.

Go Here to read the discipleme app Blog.


Next Steps...

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