The Crying Need for Disciple-Makers: 3 Steps You Can Take Today

I dropped in on some old friends the other day and spoke to their “20 something” daughter about discipleme. I was not prepared for her reaction. As I explained what the discipleme model hoped to accomplish for Christians like her she simply started crying. It seems that her heart has been longing for a mature Christian to share her experience and faith with her as she walks through life. I was amazed as I watched her tears flow straight from her heart. I wondered how many young people (and older believers) have the same passion and ache for a mature believer to invest their lives in disciple making.

discipleme was developed to help immature believers grow to maturity and experience an intimacy with Christ they may not know is possible. We also developed discipleme to call mature Christians to the joyful obedience of making disciples! We have found that many mature believers have a deep down desire to help immature believers (we believe God put that there through the Spirit!) but they just don’t know where to start or what to do. Below are three steps you can take today to get on the path to becoming a Disciple-Leader:

  1. Pray: Ask God for a clear vision, confidence, and a disciple to start with. God will give you clear direction for your obedience. When you decide to follow His command to make disciples He will show you what that looks like for you. It will most likely not look the same for any two Disciple-Makers. It probably won’t even look anything like you imagine it will. Let God surprise you here. Confidence is a needed prayer as well. We all lack confidence when it comes to the risks of discipleship. It’s difficult work to pour your life into someone else. Trust God to fill you up, go back to Him over and over when you fear you can’t do it. The most important prayer – a disciple to start with. There is someone in your sphere of influence that needs you. Ask God to show you who it is. Start with one and then see what God wants to do from there!
  2. Prepare: Read the Gospels and learn how Jesus did it. Watch Him interact with his disciples. Listen to Him speak. Find out how He spent time with them. Meditate on everything Jesus did – there is no better preparation.
  3. Reach Out: Contact us at discipleme! We want to help. Let us know what God is doing in your heart and we will help you get started. If you need encouragement, training, materials, or prayer please use our CONTACT page. We will do our best to get right back to you!

God bless you for stopping by! May God strengthen you as you contemplate what He may want to do in you and with you as a Disciple-Leader!

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