Getting Started: Disciple Leader

If you are the Disciple Leader

Step 1: Invite your disciple to download the discipleme app. You will also need to download the Olive Tree Bible app, the Slack chat app, and the UpTo calendar app to complete the discipleme experience.
Step 2: Instruct the disciple to review The Wheel sections (My Workbook Tab) and pray about which one God wants to first work on in their life.
Step 3Set a time to meet to discuss the section of The Wheel (My Workbook Tab) your disciple will work on, what God is doing in your disciples’ life, and how he or she can use your help.

Your time and maturity are the most important things you can offer the disciple. You are there to listen and lend wisdom to his or her journey. You are there to walk with him or her through life’s events. You don’t have to be a ‘teacher’ in the formal sense of the word. You only need to live out your Christian life with the disciple you are paired to. That may mean you meet in a coffee shop or your home or take hikes or sew or cook or play music together. Regardless the activity, you simply walk with God and your disciple.

Staying connected and showing initiative in your discipleship relationship will open up many opportunities for growth to occur in both you and your disciple. Ups and downs will happen but if you will stick with it you will enjoy a lifetime of growing close to God together. You’ll be glad you took the step to invest your life and share your Christian walk with someone else.

God bless you on your journey!

Getting Started: Disciple

If you are the Disciple 

Step 1: Download the discipleme app. You will also need to download the Olive Tree Bible app, the Slack chat app, and the UpTo calendar app to complete the discipleme experience.
Step 2: Review The Wheel sections in the app and pray about which one the Lord wants you to begin working on. The Wheel sections are in the 'My Workbook' tab.
Step 3: Start working on the Spoke God pointed out to you by reading the Introduction and beginning to work on the Reflection questions.

You will repeat these three steps for every Spoke of the Wheel and you may go through the Spokes many times in your life. The Spokes represent areas of our lives that need constant revisiting because we are always growing in our faith.

You won't be working on these Spokes alone. The Disciple Leader you are paired with will be available to counsel, assist, walk with you, encourage, and keep you accountable to the goals God shows you. He or she will help you as you strive to grow close to the Lord in each area of your life.

Remember that there are no time frames and no deadlines to completing a Spoke or even the whole Wheel. Unless, of course, God gives you some. The Wheel is meant to last a lifetime. It may take years to work through some areas of your life. Take the time it takes. Walk with God.

God bless you on your journey!

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