Our Story

The discipleme app arose out of our lifelong desire to be discipled. Scott and Jim have similar experiences as expressed in our testimonies below. We searched (for years) for mature men to disciple us and came up empty.  After failing to find what our hearts longed for we both decided we would commit our lives to becoming Disciple-Leaders for those whom God brings to us. Our hope is that mature believers will join us in making disciples and investing in young believers that long for a mature believer to walk with them in their faith.
Scott:I needed someone to talk to. I needed someone to help me uncover the lies that I held to be true in my worldview. I needed someone to help me understand my wickedness and sinful heart. I needed someone to help me assess my own spiritual condition. I needed someone to help me understand that unless my heart changed that my inappropriate behavior would never stop. I needed someone to point me to the Scriptures that would contradict the lie and challenge me to take steps of faith in obedience in the direction of my loving Savior. I needed someone to model repentance. I needed someone to love me enough to set me straight.”
Jim:I can certainly echo Scott’s longing. I was a Christian and a pastor searching for an older brother to walk with. I knew I needed accountability, teaching, and quite frankly, love. I sought men out, asked them to meet with me, and hoped they would help me. Many of them were content to meet and talk about the weather or sports and maybe get a Bible lesson in from time to time. No one would take the challenge of discipling me though. After years of frustrated looking I cried out to the Lord one day and told Him if I couldn’t have anyone to disciple me that was ok, but I was determined to become the man I was looking for. I would be a Disciple-Leader and ask God to bring men to me who had the desire to be discipled.”
So Scott and I are committed to being the Disciple-Leaders that we couldn’t find – We hope you are up to it as well. Please visit our CONTACT page and let us know what the Lord is speaking to you about discipleship.

Our Approach

  • The discipleme app  is relational rather than instructional Disciple-Leading

  • The discipleme app emphasizes intimacy rather than duty as a motivation for obedience

  • The discipleme app  believes “church” culture in not a replacement for Scripture

  • The discipleme app measures maturity based on obedience instead of knowledge

  • The discipleme app models Life-on-Life discipleship for a lifetime

  • The discipleme app is adaptable for any Christian people group or doctrinal perspective


What we mean by these statements.

The discipleme app is relational rather than instructional Disciple-Making. Discipleship is relationship. It starts at our relationship with God and includes our relationship with spiritually mature Disciple-Leaders. We do not minimize instruction as a part of the relationship but insist that instruction not be divorced from relationship.
The discipleme app emphasizes intimacy rather than duty as a motivation for obedience. When God asks us to draw near He is extending an invitation to intimacy. He wants to be close to us and abide with us as we abide with Him.The discipleme app recognizes that the desire for closeness with God is a powerful motivation for obedience, much more powerful than the desire to do one’s duty. While we don’t minimize duty, we understand that pursuit of duty for duty’s sake is not a proper motivation toward God.
The discipleme app believes “church” culture is not a replacement for Scripture. “Church” cultures are not always biblical cultures.  Our experience teaches us that obedience to “church” culture often becomes a substitute for obedience to Christ and His Word as applied to us by His Spirit. The discipleme app seeks to transcend “church” culture and call believers to obedience regardless of the culture they find themselves in.
The discipleme app measures maturity based on obedience instead of knowledge. Intellectual acknowledgement of truth does not always translate to an intimate obedience to Jesus.The discipleme app emphasizes obedience to the Spirit of God as He reveals His will through the Word of God.
The discipleme app models Life-on-Life discipleship for a lifetime. Making disciples is a relational one-to-one experience.It is a commitment to walk together as long as the Lord allows for the benefit of both disciple and Disciple-Leader. Discipleship doesn’t end when a believer ‘finishes’ a module or workbook or lesson. Discipleship is lifetime relationship.
The discipleme app is adaptable for any Christian people group or doctrinal perspective. The discipleme app is elastic and flexible in its application. It does not push any doctrinal perspective or agenda other than making disciples. Your church or ministry is free to teach doctrinal distinctives within the context of theThe discipleme app model.The discipleme app is people group friendly and not dependent upon any cultural perspective.

Our Team

The discipleme app takes a lot of hands-on helpers. Here they are.



Co-Founder & Chief GoofBall

He's an author - www.thedisconnectedman.com. He mostly just listens to music and types stuff.



Chief Designer and Color Commander.

If she could be a faerie elf dancing in the rain...color is her magic and design is her delirium. Everything swirls in her head all at once and it comes out beautifully.



Kid Genius and Architect.

He sings, and solves complex math problems for fun, and eats. What more do you need to know?


Scott and Kim

Co-Co-Founders & Completely Inseparable

They are free to be missionaries. Call them and they'll probably come!



Super Talented Chief Architect

Plays guitar, never gets emotionally mussed up, and just solves problems with no complaints. Notice the super-geek eyeglasses - only one of his super powers!



Designer and Smile Maker.

Voices, lipstick, and making people beautiful are among her many talents. Disney princess and vocal diva doesn't begin to describe...



Visionary and Cheerleader

She's married to Jim and by-far the shinning star of the two!



Idea man and Architect

Ideas and improvements always on the tip of his tongue! He hurts if he's not helping, or singing, or waxing eloquent about the finer points of world history, or explaining the latest super hero conundrum.